Retrofitment and reconditioning is a Bristol speciality, developed in the recent past. Bristol has helped the Government of India, as well as owners of luxury yachts to bring back to life their damaged craft, that had been lying idle for years.

The exercise involves overhauling and replacing the existing machinery/parts with new parts and repairing / relaminating the FRP body, including hull/deck extension, if required. The propulsion systems are replaced with modern Arnerson Surface Piercing propellers or other systems.

Bristol has retrofitted 16 patrol craft of the Government of India (Customs Department) and brought these virtually condemned craft back into active service.

The propulsion system in these craft were updated with Arnerson Surface Drive, the hulls modified, the FRP hull and deck repaired / relaminated, the 300 HP. Scania engines overhauled and the craft refurnished. Condemned as "unable to give even 8 knots speed" these craft, after retrofitment, now give a speed of 25-28 knots. The cost of retrofitment was approximately US$ 100,000 per craft, against a replacement cost of US$ 650,000 to 700,000.

Our varied experience in retrofitting includes:

  • Redesigning the hull structure, shafting, propulsion, steering etc.
  • Extending and reconstructing the FRP hull, make it longer and more spacious, if required.
  • Redesigning and improving the steering through hydraulic system, re-layout instrumentation for remote controlled centralised facilities.Surveying the strength of fibreglass lamination of hull & deck, relaminating with fibreglass of different textures & enhancing the strength of the hull and deck

Sl No Client Size & Type Speed Qty
1 Indian Customs 14.6M Petrol craft 22 Knots 16 Boats
2 Indian Coast Guard 6.2M interceptor craft 27 Knots 4 Boats
3 Indian Coast Guard 7M interceptor craft 27 Knots 4 Boats
4 NSRY,Kochi 10 M sail boat ……… 1 Boat
5 A&N Navy 12.80M CINCAN Barge 22 Knots 1 Boat